Artist Profile

Barbara Anderson

Mediums: Watercolor, Oil, Mixed Media Paintings, Acrylic

After retiring from teaching, Barbara pursued her latent interest in art with vigor. She now views the world through rose-colored glasses and plays with the hues that they create. Art can describe joy, sorrow, pain, the state of the world - many things.

Barbara's paintings are a product of mood. Sometimes she starts a painting on a somber note and it ends up full of joy, or vice versa. They all come from life experiences, memories stored in her brain. Often they are skewed in her presentation as a dream is - a bit muddled in recall. She never likes to tell the whole story. It is for you, the viewer to fill in the blanks. Barb has exhibited at various juried exhibitions and was the Palette & Brush Artist of the Year for Detroit in 1999.

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