Artist Profile

Barbara Maxson

Mediums: Pencil and Graphite, Painting, Oil, Drawing, Colored Pencil, Charcoal

A love of color and hand-made things came from Barbara?s beloved grandmother, Lillian. Barbara?s career as a dental specialist in prosthodontics allowed her to assist people who, through disease or injury, needed help with their smiles. It is not surprising then, that the wonderful colors one can mix in oil paint are so appealing to her, or that the human face is her favorite subject.

The buttery nature of oil paint, the many ways that it can be applied to canvas, and the fact that it can be adjusted almost indefinitely are some of the reasons why it is so compelling to use. Barbara paints still life, outdoors or ?en plein air? and the figure using the ?alla prima? or ?wet-into-wet? technique. Because of their honesty, lack of self-consciousness, and exuberance, children are her favorite subjects and she tries to render them with dignity. Lately she has also been using charcoal for her children?s portraits and enjoys the versatility of this medium. Like oil. it can be applied in many different ways and adjusted easily.

Paintings that inspire her often have a strong value pattern (lights and darks) and have an impressionistic or ?painterly? quality. Paintings that tell a story or demonstrate a ?moment? with a gesture or facial expression appeal to her.

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