Artist Profile

Bonnie Wylo

Mediums: Photography

Photography is the career path not taken. Bonnie spent most of her teen years taking photographs, primarily shooting concerts. She detoured from that path in her early 20?s to teach physics at Eastern Michigan University, gathering three academic degrees (and secondary certification to teach physics) along the way (B.S. 1983, M.S 1985, both from EMU; Ed.D. from The University of Michigan, 1993, in Science Education). She?s been a professor in EMU?s Department of Physics & Astronomy since 1987. Her first digital camera in 2005 reawakened her passion for photography; more recent collaborative work with a photographer-friend led to creating and exhibiting photographs of her own. Bonnie?s photographic success led to a successful sabbatical proposal in 2010 to write and take photographs for a physics textbook called ?Physics for the Right Brain? that was published in the spring of 2011 for use in her classes.

Newtonian physics is the foundation of that which Prof. Wylo teaches, yet it is the relativistic nature of space and time that emerges in some of her photographic work. A few stylistic strands have developed, notably the use of ?the grid? ? those artificial Cartesian coordinates that are put on the world to make sense of it ? as a framework within which more malleable, ?soft? imagery and reflections may reside. Whether it is a ?straight shot? or a layered digital collage, Bonnie creates images that contain much more beyond the first glance, rewarding the viewer for a more persistent and perceptive gaze. She has exhibited photographs in galleries in Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Detroit, Grosse Pointe, New York City, and online.

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