Artist Profile

Brenda L. Ochodnicky

Mediums: Photography, Pastel, Mixed Media/Collage, Ink, Charcoal, Assemblage, Acrylic

Brenda L. Ochodnicky, award winning Michigan artist, offers her artist and graphic arts talents by commission, through galleries, at juried and fine art exhibitions and via her website. Her works are also found in several private collections throughout the U. S. and here in Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas.

Her art is inspired by simplicity, realism depicting her subject matter without idealization, and above all by embracing life as it is and not omitting the imperfections. She is also inspired by the works of Andrew Wyeth, Edmund Lewandowski and O’Keeffe; and she holds a deep respect for the Shakers who had a quest for simplicity and perfection as reflected in their love of function and fine design. You will see the Shaker simplicity reflected in most of her works where realism prevails.

Brenda is a master of realism using pastel as her core medium. She enjoys exploring and experimenting with other mediums, especially in her abstract representations using acrylic, mixed media and collage. Rhythm, pattern, shapes, color theory and process are the same in realism as they are in abstract, but Brenda finds that abstract offers an additional challenge and believes it requires a greater patience as each work of art evolves. She still enjoys a limited color pallet in both realism & abstract. Brenda’s ultimate goal is to engage the viewer to become absorbed and elicit dialog, and don’t be surprised by an element of surprise in her subject matter from time to time.

Brenda has studied pastel under Vianna Szabo, PP.S.A. IAPS MC P.S.W.C D, Jim Markle, P.S.A., Norma Gray, Artist Extraordinaire, and Peggy Smith, Pastelist/BFA. She is a member of the Great Lakes Pastel Society, Brighton Art Guild, the Ann Arbor Women Artists Association; and she is the founder of Ochodnicky Design Studio. Brenda also holds an appointed position on The City of Brighton’s Arts and Culture Commission.

Several of Brenda’s works are available in limited edition fine art giclée prints and all works of art come with a certificate of authenticity.

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