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Daniela Gobetti

Mediums: Photography

I am a photographer and a poet, an Italian/English bilingual writer, an author of books for learners of Italian, and a translator.

A philosopher by training and long practice, I consider my photographic and poetic art as the meeting place of the left and right sides of my brain.

I'm working on a photographic project called "The Presence of Absence," in which I try to give visual representation to the conceptual and emotional aspects of what we mean by, and experience through absence.

A second project driven by the left side of my brain, so to speak, is called "Seasons." I use layers of images of water, ice, leaves, snow, and flowers to try to convey both the transition of the natural world from one condition to another, and our sense of loss and rebirth when we contemplate that transition.

For a few years now I have also worked on a project called "Lines," devoted to exploring lines, structures, and unusual formal associations in man-made objects and buildings, in situations where color is essential, and in natural settings. I published a book, called "Lines," which is available from blurb.

You'll find people too in my collections - I don't chase the dramatic or the extreme - I try to catch the moment when a look or a gesture are revealing (who can resist Cartier-Bresson when human beings are concerned?).

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