Artist Profile

Dian Rentschler

Mediums: Watercolor, Pencil and Graphite, Painting, Oil, Mixed Media Paintings, Ink, Drawing, Charcoal

Dian was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she married and raised her family. She currently lives in Tecumseh, Michigan.
Art is a passion that Dian learned from her father, an artist who created a sketch book of figures done in pencil, charcoal and watercolor, which started her interest in creating drawings and paintings of her own. Dian's training in art consists of art classes, studying both oil and watercolor with illustration artist John Bruce in Crossville, Tennessee for five years, and oil artist Naomi Gage in St James City, Florida for three years. She continues to attend workshops and life drawing sessions to perfect her skills.

She has been an active member in several art organizations, including the Fairfield Glade Art Association from 1989 to 1994 (serving as president from 1992 to 1993), Ann Arbor Women Artists since 1994 (serving as treasurer from 1999 to 2001). Dian is also a founding member of the Community Arts of Tecumseh (CAT), which began in 2009, where she is actively involved, attending workshops and teaching. Dian also enjoys doing Plein Air painting and is active in the Ann Arbor Women Artists? Plein Air group.

Designing and building a painting from little thumbnail sketches to a finished piece gives her a real sense of satisfaction. Dian works mainly in oil, but enjoys watercolor, pencil and pen and ink drawing as well. Her work is both realistic and impressionistic in style, including landscapes, still life and portraits, and many of her pieces are historic scenes taken from photos of the areas she has lived in. Her most admired artists are Clark Hulings, Richard Schmid and Donald Teague, with great admiration for several of the old masters. Her work is on permanent display in several restaurants including, Ann Arbor, Tecumseh, Adrian and Pinckney, as well as in the private homes of several individuals.

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