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Edith Maynard

Mediums: Watercolor, Photography, Painting

Edith Maynard has always been fascinated by forms, patterns and geometric relations in the natural and the man-made worlds. Her watercolors interpret and transform the world by emphasizing shape and altering color. For example, weather- and time-worn Sierra Juniper trees encountered on Western hiking trips may be portrayed in their actual gnarled, contorted shapes, but the colors used represent Edith's emotional reactions to individual trees.

Likewise, she abstracts the geometric patterns and shapes found in industrial machinery or factories, and uses non-real color to emphasize the beauty of this inanimate subject matter. The contrast between the well-loved flowing organic forms of Nature and the rectilinear geometry of industrial subject matter dominates her choice of subject matter and the way in which she presents it.

Edith Maynard entered the world of art following a career as a university professor in the neurosciences. Her art training included classes at the Ann Arbor Art Center as well as seminars and workshops with Donna Zagotta, Skip Lawrence, Alex Powers and Charles Reid. Her watercolors have been shown nationally in juried exhibitions and have received awards locally and nationally. She lives in Ann Arbor and spends part of each year in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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Size: 36" x 28"

Holding On


Size: 31" x 26"

Going it Alone


Size: 35" x 27"

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All Mixed Up


Size: 27" x 31"
Price: $650

Energy Plant One

Watercolor & Caran D\'ache

Size: 23" x 21"
Price: $375

Air Cooled


Size: 21" x 26"
Price: $450

Grain Dryer No 2


Size: 25" x 31"
Price: $570



Size: 26" x 32"
Price: $580