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James C. Clark

Mediums: Watercolor, Painting

Jim Clark, formally trained as a zoologist, began his art career when he bought his wife a used potter’s wheel in 1968. His wife, a newly-minted art teacher, did not enjoy wheel throwing, but Jim, not one to waste twenty-five bucks, soon discovered that he did. By the mid-seventies he had joined the Potters Guild of Ann Arbor, declared himself a potter, and eventually established a national reputation as a maker of wheel-thrown porcelain miniatures, working as a miniature potter for over thirty years
His artistic nature found further expression over this time in photography, illustration, Chinese brush painting, and cartooning. Then, in 1998, his wife helped him strike a new path as a watercolorist – this time she was painting one week each year with fellow art teachers, but watercolor was another discipline she did not care for. Jim stepped in and an interest in watercolor was born.
Eventually he decided to take a class in this medium. It was so disappointing that he thought he could do better, and thus began an eight year teaching career with the Ann Arbor Rec and Ed Department. At the same time he joined the Chelsea Painters, followed by the Ann Arbor Women Artists and the Michigan Water Color Society.
Jim turns primarily to nature and buildings for his painting inspiration. His work has appeared on several Observer covers, he has won local awards with the AAWA for both his miniatures and paintings, and more recently one of his paintings won an award in a statewide show of the MWCS.

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Trump l\'oeil#2 Not the Hairdo of a Politician


Size: 13" x 16"
Price: $500

Winter Games


Size: 11" x 13"
Price: $300