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Josie Lapczynski

Mediums: Photography, Painting, Drawing, Digital, Acrylic

My name is Josie Lapczynski, and I am a freelance painter currently living in southeast Michigan. I specialize in life drawing and portraiture, and I aim to create life-like portraits with as much soul and energy as the people I'm painting.

Painting, like all art forms, is a beautiful conversation between an artist, their tools, and the subject matter. So many discoveries happen when I'm engaged in the painting process; beautiful insights into my subjects, into myself, and into the world of art.

In addition to painting, I also run a photography business, Acorn Photos.

I hope you enjoy my artwork, and feel free to contact me for more info.

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Art Pieces by This Artist


Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 20" x 16"

The Knife Thrower\'s Assistant

Acrylic on canvas

Size: 20" x 16"


Acrylic on canvas

Size: 20" x 16"

Gemini Jack

Acrylic on canvas

Size: 16" x 20"