Artist Profile

Katherine Willson

Mediums: Photography, Painting, Mixed Media/Collage, Mixed Media Paintings, Everything Else, Assemblage

Katherine's passion for creating mixed-media art was evident as early as the age of 3, when she emptied a bottle of glue over her childhood bedroom?s shag carpeting, rubbed an entire container of multi-colored glitter into the glue-coated carpet strands, then covered it with a blanket before surprising her parents with it a few weeks later.

She is amazed at her good fortune in that, after studying music in college (a little too impractical), then working in health care administration for many years after (much too practical), she now gets paid to play with children in her Itsy Bitsy Art Classes, and with adults in her classes such as Bookmaking, Artist Trading Cards, Altered Books and Art Journaling.

While Katherine strives primarily to create mixed-media pieces that evoke feelings of peace and calm, she's also not averse to intermittently promoting a leftist liberal agenda through the occasional piece of political art.

Born and raised in Michigan, but having never acclimated to the winters, the triumph of hope over experience allows her to trust that she'll someday convince her conservative military husband to move with her and their dogs to a hippie artist commune in the southwest desert region.

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