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Leona Webb

Mediums: Photography

My photography pays homage to my early childhood in Northern Michigan, its visual images and memories. It is a deep respect, a bowing down to the earth, where I have experienced it.

I have renewed and extended my fascination with these shapes through my images. I have discovered new connections between the land and water. These photographic images have become a threshold to another reality, another dimension. A moment in time is caught for all time, and no time. The image is timeless, outside the real of the finite, the temporal. The image becomes an invitation to transcend time and embark on a journey, not of temporal places, but to places in the individual psyche where the self can be discovered. My specialty is black and white, although I have added color as well.

My wish is for you to see these images as other than what they seem to represent. The images of doors are not just doors. The images of cars are not just cars. The images of boats are not just boats. All of these images are abstractions to one degree or another. What is being emphasized are forms, ideas, and qualities apart from the particular objects or action pictured. Images then become ideas. They can vary from person to person and time to time with the same person. The core of the idea is transcendence; to move from the realm of the known, the concrete, to the realm of fantasy of spirit so to speak, of ideas, of the experience of mystery, of the mystical, if you will dare to enter. The images came from a part of me that works unconsciously, a part that reaches down into my memories. They come from that private part of me and I hope it will touch that part in you as well.

Leona L. Webb, Photographer
Telephone: (734) 904-4612

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