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Lois Lovejoy

Mediums: Watercolor, Pastel, Mixed Media/Collage

Lois Lovejoy

Lois grew up in rural Pennsylvania, has lived on both coasts and now calls the Midwest her home. She uses watercolor or pastel to portray the color, texture and spirit of places she encounters close to home or while traveling.

Her watercolors involve multiple washes or use of salt, crayon or collage to suggest the layered details found in nature. Her painting evolved from her career as a graphic artist and book illustrator, which involved horticultural and ornithological subjects. Lois has had a lifelong interest in gardens, both tending them and painting them, but became involved with landscape painting while living in France in 2001-02.

Her work, some of which is in private collections, can be viewed in Michigan juried exhibitions, in which she has won several awards, and the annual June Chelsea Painters Fair. Lois is a member of the Chelsea Painters, Ann Arbor Women Artists and the Michigan Watercolor Society.

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