Artist Profile

Nancy Weiss

Mediums: Watercolor, Pencil and Graphite, Pastel, Oil, Mixed Media Paintings, Ink, Acrylic

?Art draws me, like a magnet, to itself. I am fortunate that my
pleasure, my artistic ?bent?, has been both my vocation and my
avocation.? As a youth, strongly encouraged by her parents, Nancy
attended Saturday classes at the Detroit Institute of Art, drawing
and painting in the galleries. After spending a lifetime creating,
whether it be in theater painting behind the scenes, or as an
educator in front of a group, she has explored many mediums. First
in oil paints, laying down lush, viscous color, then she moved into
transparent watercolor, layering colors and imagery alla prima.
Once she discovered the sensational handmade pastels she was
hooked. Whichever medium, she constantly pushes the material,
searching for the strength and impact of direct color, as she
paints from life and from her imagination.

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