Artist Profile

Pamela Roselle

Mediums: Watercolor, Mixed Media Paintings, Acrylic

Pam?s artistic intention is to create a body of work that captures the essence of nature using layer upon layer of pigment on remarkable textures. The delightful flows of watermedia, the emotions evoked by different color combinations and the joy of unanticipated discovery keep her painting with passion.

Pam holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and has no formal art training. In 2007 she took a bold leap from the corporate tower to begin her journey to find the artist within. In 2008 was recognized as an ?emerging artist? by the South University Art Alliance and participated in Ann Arbor's Summer Art Fair. Subsequently she has exhibited her work in many local venues and with the Michigan Artists? Gallery in Sutton?s Bay. Pam is also a member of Chelsea Painters.

Pam finds learning new skills and the creative process exhilarating and life-affirming. Creating art and sharing it with others is her chosen way of experiencing life instead of simply reacting to it.

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