Artist Profile

Wes Rae

Mediums: Watercolor, Pastel

In his novel ?Howard's End,? E. M. Forster began with the epigraph, ?Only Connect.? The artist?s quest is just that: to connect the subject and its milieu with his own interpretation. It has always been that goal, from paleolithic cave art to the modern abstractionists. Never clearly articulated, the connection is nevertheless implied in every stroke, and it is that quest that keeps the artist going, always exploring, always seeing with new eyes.

Born on a farm on the North Dakota prairie, Wes had an early appreciation of nature and its settings, an appreciation which has continued unabated. Landscapes and their cultural adaptations have been the mainstay of his art. After military training and university, he settled into a teaching career which incorporated literature, art and history, and these disciplines also contributed to his view of the world around him.

He is a member of he Michigan Watercolor Society, Great Lakes Pastel Society, Ann Arbor Pastelists, the Arts Alliance, Saline Painters Guild as well as Ann Arbor Women Artists.

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