The members of AAWA are kept informed of current and upcoming events through email, our website and a quarterly newsletter, as well as this blog.

Post Updates

On the Blog page you will find updates from our exhibit locations, both non-juried and juried, made by the committee chairs of the exhibits.   We will also find the Plein Air activities as well as descriptions of the Monday night Programs.

The Sidebar “Subscribe Here” Block

This is the one with the strange orange symbol and says “subscribe in a reader.”  This is often  confusing to people.  It’s known as an RSS feed, which means “Really Simple Syndication.”

When you click on the orange button a page opens where you choose the “reader” that you prefer to use to follow and read blogs.  In a reader, you can keep a list of all the blogs that you like to read and you can view them all at this one location.  The most popular readers are shown first and then there is a drop down menu for other readers.

The “feed” service will send a copy of the latest blog post directly to your reader.  This is quite handy for the person who follows several blogs.  You can have them all sent to a single location.  They come to you at that location instead of you having to go to each of the blog sites.

If you have online email with Yahoo, AOL, or Google then you already have access to a reader.  If you do not, but would like to use a reader, then I suggest you set up an account with Google Reader.  If you would like to learn more about how it works, here is a very short video clip that explains it in simple terms.

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With this option the “feed” service sends the latest blog post directly to your email inbox.

If you choose this option to read blogs, you should make sure that you “white list” the blog (add it to your email contact list) so that the filtering system doesn’t throw the blog posts into the spam trash.

The “white list” steps vary from one email service to another.  If you are not sure how your service works, you can go to our white list page for instructional steps..

The Sidebar “Categories” List

Every blog post is placed in a category.  For instant, every posting update about the New Center will be placed in the New Center Category.  So, when you click on “New Center Exhibits” link in the Categories, it will open every post that has been written about the New Center.

Explore.  Clink on the links, titles, tabs, everything that is click-able so that you can see what happens.

The “Members Newsletter Archive” List

Our newsletters can be found on both our website and our blog.   These are made available in PDF format.

You will need to have Adobe Reader on your computer to open and read the newsletters.   Go to Adobe to either download or update the PDF reader on your computer.

Need More Help With the Blog or Website

If you have questions about the blog or are having difficulties getting around, please use the Contact Page.  Remember, everything is maintained by volunteers, so allow some time for a response.