Unless otherwise stated, all programs below are free and open to the public, and will be held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.  Most programs last an hour, and you are welcome to stay for socializing and light refreshments for half an hour following the presentation.

Programs are held at the AAWA location at 4844 Jackson Road, Suite 100, Ann Arbor, MI.  (Located in the Jackson Square Plaza, parking in front of the building.)  Landmark: There is a cell phone tower on the north-west side of Jackson Road, next door to Jackson Square Plaza. See Map

Programs for 2018 – 2019


Mon, Sept 17, 2018, 7pm – Pamela Day

Jester by Pamela DayPamela Day will kickoff the Ann Arbor Women Artist’s 2018-19 Speaker Programs. Pamela creates imaginative, expressive and unique figurative sculptural ceramic work and paintings. Ms. Day is a fine artist with a concentration of work in art that begins with clay. 

Pamela’s most recent series began with her examples for her students, but then grew into small busts – head and shoulders of a jester, and Renaissance characters, some with folds of clothing that are strikingly realistic. Imaginatively, some interact with birds or have their own bird characteristics. More recently, some have grown to full torso pieces, with arms and additional parts, clay balls, or nests, or glass eggs – made specifically for her pieces by her glass artist friend, Susan Fox. Nature is also given a personality in her work. Her characters are likely to have headdresses, hats or “hair” made to look quite realistically like twigs and may have in addition stylized leaves. 

Mon, Oct 15, 2018, 7pm – Joe Mazzola 

Joe MazzolaJoe Mazzola will discuss his functional and non-functional art pieces.

Inspired by American mid-century design and manufacturing, Eastworks Detroit collects re-purposes, and re-invents iconic American items into beautiful functional and non-functional art objects. Working out of my home studio and using mainly hand tools objects are up-scaled into industrial steampunk inspired pieces. Although some items are similar most are hand made one of a kind. Guided by my intuition and my own personal aesthetic, the work reflects my quest to meld wonder, beauty and function into three dimensional art.

 Pat LangnerMon, Nov 19, 2018, 7pm – Pat Langner 

Pat Langner is a West Bloomfield prolific artist, who has sold more than 9000 pieces of artwork since 1991.  She grew up on a small town in Virginia and started taking private art lessons at age 12 and continued to study art in college and through community ed programs in California and Michigan.  Pat is a member and past President of the Farmington Art Foundation.  Pat will discuss her various types of work, especially the miniatures, and her experience as part of the Farmington Art Foundation Gallery. 


Dean RogersMon, Jan 21, 2018, 7pm – Dean Rogers 

Dean Rogers is a portrait artist from Novi, Michigan. Drawing has been his passion for almost all of his life. For more than 20 years, his artistic medium was graphite and ink – but in the last eleven years, he has become a master of colored pencil, earning him 3 International awards in a row and the prestigious Signature Status by the Colored Pencil Society of America.

Dean will discuss his latest series of fantasy portraits.


Suzanne BilekMon, Feb 18, 2018, 7pm – Suzanne Bilek 

Suzanne Bilek is an author, lecturer and art historian. She has held the positions of artist’s agent, marketing manager and craftswoman. Suzanne conducts extensive research on the art history of urban Detroit, especially as it relates to painting. Her lectures on local culture and aesthetics cover a wide range of topics, from Detroit’s first art collectors, when the city was still part of New France, to the impact of public art on civic pride in the twenty-first century.

Ms. Bilek, who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science, studying the people and history of Canada and Central America. She is an art collector and a curatorial assistant at the Detroit Historical Museum.

Tony RokoMon, Mar 18, 2018, 7pm – Tony Roko 

Tony Roko is a signature portrait artist named “Detroit’s Best Fine Artist for three consecutive years. Roko has painted commissions for Jay Leno, Lady GaGa, and the Holocaust Museum. He was selected to create a series of paintings to act as the new face of Atwater Brewery, bringing the Detroit company’s signature brews and spirits to 30 states and European markets.

Most recently, Tony has partnered with Wolverine Human Service to form the Art Foundation, a non-profit organization fostering creative minds for at-risk children.

Amy FergusonMon, Apr 15, 2018, 7pm – Amy Ferguson 

Amy Ferguson’s printmaking work “is based on her love for drawing and printing, as well as nature and all things fantasy.” Her work is inspired by methods of creating art that are rooted in the history of printmaking while embracing modern developments in creating imagery.

Drawing, however, is the most important part of each piece, taking hours of time to create each delicate line with pen or etching needle. It is about making art, from cards to etchings, that can be accessible to a wide variety of people; art that can take anyone to a new place or an old memory.