• Who are the Ann Arbor Women Artists?
    • AAWA began in 1951.  It is a volunteer organization of visual artists (18 & older) whose purpose is to stimulate creative expression and sharing among its members in order to continually raise the quality of the art produced.  AAWA is historically a women’s organization with only women members for the first 50 years, but is open to all visual artists within the Ann Arbor area who wish to participate.



  • Who can become a member of the AAWA?
    • Membership is open to all visual artists 18 years and older.  A miles distance has not been set yet, but artists should live within a comfortable driving distance to Ann Arbor so they can participate in some of the many AAWA activities available to the members.

      Even though artists can sign up on line to join AAWA, this is not an online organization meant for ‘online’ memberships.  We are not national, it is a local art group, so keep in mind that the intent is for our members to be able to interact, participate, volunteer and be involved with our local Ann Arbor area artists.

  • What are the different types of membership?
    • The four categories of membership are Active, Inactive, Student and Lifetime.  Please read the full description of each of these on our Membership page

  • What are the benefits of AAWA membership?
    • Participating with other members in Programs, Workshops, Critique groups, Plein air, Juried Exhibits and Non-juried exhibits.  Plus get involved and volunteer on Committees to help make things happen in the organization. 

      Active memberships carry the greatest benefits.  The full descriptions appear on our Membership page.

  • How do I become a member of the AAWA?
    • If you have more questions, you can contact the Membership Chair on our Contact page.  If you want to get started and sign up, go to the website Menu bar and click on the Become a Member tab in the Membership drop down.

      If you have not done so yet, you should read the Membership page before going to the sign up page.



Member Communications

  • How do I stay connected with what’s happening?
    • With well over 300 members in this organization, lots is going on.  Every member can be involved in something.  We have a variety of ways to keep members informed of the various activities.

      a.  The website pages are broke down by topics, please cruise them.
      b.  The Calendar page of the website will list many of the activities.
      c.  The blog often shows major happenings.  You can even have blog post announcements sent to your email.
      d.  Members can sign up for our Facebook Group if you are a Facebook user.
      e.  Every member has access to the Newsletters via your Dashboard.
      f.   Every member is sent the weekly Email Announcements. 


  • Why am I not receiving the Email announcements?
    • We have come to rely on email and it is often assumed to be a perfect form of communication.  But there are many bumps in the road that can keep a message from reaching the inbox.

      a.  Email filters often place website generated email announcements in Spam/Junks folders.  So if it’s not in your inbox, you should always check the spam.  If it’s there, you can do one or more of the following:

                1.)  Mark it is as not spam and move it to the inbox.  This may alert the filters to send it to your inbox.

                2.)  Add the email address to your Contact list with the name and email of the sender.

                3.)  Create your own ‘Filter’ for the name and address.  This is also referred to as ‘Whitelist.’
                       This process   is different for every email type out there.  You can do a search for ‘how to
                       whitelist an email address in “___.”  Just add the name of the email account you use.

      b.  Does AAWA have your correct email address for the Email Announcements?  Right now we use Constant Contact to send out the weekly announcements.  If you have recently made an email change and want the email announcements going to the new address, please contact the Membership chair or the Website chair to make that update in Constant Contact.  It has to be done manually.

      c.  Those of you using Gmail, unless you have reconfigured the supplied Tabs at the top of your email, you may find the AAWA announcements in the Promotions Tab.  That’s where Google puts many of the website generated emails, what we call ‘autoresponders,’ such as Constant Contact.

      d.  It is possible that you have been ‘unsubscribed’ from the Email Announcements.  If all of the above is not working, please contact the Membership chair or the Website chair to check if that is the case and to get you subscribed again.

      A Picture Tutorial of Whitelisting in some Common Email Providers


  • What is the orange icon in the ‘Stay Connected’ box on the Blog?
    • RSS LogoThis is the RSS feed icon, which means “Really Simple Syndication.” To be syndicated means the article is read across many methods. In the past, it was a column syndicated to newspapers across the country.  Today, it’s blog posts, syndicated to blog readers across the Internet.

      When you click on the orange button a page opens where you choose the “reader” that you prefer to use to follow and read blogs. In a reader, you can keep a list of all the blogs that you like to read and you can view them all at this one location. The most popular readers are shown first and then there is a drop down menu for other readers.

      The “feed” service will send a copy of the latest blog post directly to your reader. This is quite handy for the person who follows several blogs. You can have them all sent to a single location. They come to you at that location instead of you having to go to each of the blog sites.

      If you have online email with Yahoo, then you already have access to a reader. If you do not, but would like to use a reader, then you can set up an account with one of the readers listed on the page that opens when you click the orange RSS icon.

  • How to use our website mail system?
    • Every member can be sent an email via our website.  Each artist has a contact button under their name on the Artists page.  A few board members can also be contacted right on the Contact Us page.  Some important things to remember when using this system.

      A.  This system is used by our members to contact other members.  It’s used by non-members to contact members and it’s also used by spammers to send bogus emails to our members.

      B.  When you receive one of these emails, you will know it because it will contain the following:

      1.  The AAWA website email address will be in the ‘From’ box
      2.  The content will be a completed form giving you the Sender’s:
        a.  Email Address:
        b.  Phone Number:
        c.   Subject:
        d.  Message:

      C.  To Reply to one of these emails:

      1.  Do Not just click the Reply button; that will send the reply back to the website email address.
      2.  Type or copy/paste the Sender’s email into the ‘To’ box
      3.  Then when you Send, the communications will no longer be in the website system