AAWA is a volunteer organization of visual artists (18 & older) whose purpose is to stimulate creative expression and sharing among its members in order to continually raise the quality of the art produced.  AAWA is historically a women’s organization with only women members for the first 50 years, but is open to all visual artists who wish to participate. Opportunities for active participation include:

  • Monthly programs with accomplished artists and art professionals as presenters
  • Juried shows exhibiting members’ original art
  • Continuous non-juried shows at 10 local businesses
  • Critique and Discussions groups
  • Workshops for growth and skill enhancement
  • Social events such as the annual Fall Mixer, Holiday Party, and end of year Annual Meeting

Additional benefits of membership include quarterly newsletters, emailed announcements and supplier discounts. Portrait studios, plein air sessions and life drawing studios offer additional opportunities for growth and development. Members are encouraged to serve on committees and on the Executive Board.

General meetings and other events are held monthly from September through May.


Visual artists (18 & older) are welcome to join the organization at any time, and payment of dues provides 12 continuous months of membership.  Membership types can not be changed mid-year via the online renewal process in the member dashboard area.  To change from an Inactive Membership to an Active Membership or to add an EWL to your Active Membership, please contact the Membership Chair.  These changes have to be made manually in our system.


Provides the opportunity to participate in all functions listed above.  You must be an active member to serve on a committee or the on board.  Active members can also share exhibit & class information in the newsletter and email announcements.

Active Membership with EWL:  Additional $15

This optional EWL (Expanded Website Listing) providing members with their own page on our website, where they can have a Bio and share up to eight images of artwork with for sale amounts.  


Provides the same active membership as shown above for full time college students, at least 18 years of age.  Most universities and colleges list a minimum of 12 credit hours as full time. 

Student Membership with EWL:  Additional $15

This option is the same as the active membership EWL.


This membership only provides copies of the newsletters and email announcements.   And of course, inactive members can participate in any events that are open and free to the public.  This option is for our members who need to take a break, are traveling, etc, but still want to keep up on what is happening within the organization.


These are our Emeritus and Honorary members.  The Emeritus members are those over seventy years who have been members for at least twenty years.  They have the same privileges as Active members and also have the option of adding the EWL to their membership for $15.

Extended Website Listing (EWL):  Why we offer this option to our active members

1. At $15/year for a bio and 8 images, it’s one of the cheapest ad-free web pages available on the net.
2. If you do not have a website this is an easy way for you to create an online page where you can send people to see examples of your artwork.
3. If you do have your own personal website then you can use the EWL as another place to be online and have a good pagerank link going back to your website.
4. Some members put up sales prices, some don’t, that’s individual choice.  If you choose to sell, interested potential buyers will contact you directly via the contact form on your page.  AAWA does not handle or oversee any of the individual EWL sales.

More Information:

If you would like to discuss membership with one of our representatives, please use the Contact page and choose Membership in the drop down and send a message.  You will be contacted via your supplied email address.  If you would like to join, feel free proceed to the Become a Member page and begin the process. 

An Important Note

The Ann Arbor Women Artists is a volunteer organization. Every committee chair and board position is filled by members donating their time. It is highly recommended that each member donate three hours a year to help in this 300+ membership organization.

1. To do so, please take a look at the list of committees (under the Membership tab) and choose one that is of interest to you.

2. Then go to the Contact page and send a note with your preference. You’ll be contacted when that committee needs assistance. Thank you for being a part of AAWA and pitching in for a couple hours to help get a job done!