Rainy Road to Bryson City by Mary Murphy

Rainy Road to Bryson City 2nd Place Summer 2015

The AAWA is a mentoring organization. It is a mix of seasoned professional artists and new, just getting started, artists as well. All levels are welcome and encouraged.

Throughout our year (Sept – May) we do eight ‘open to the public’ Programs where we bring in professionals, experts in their field, highly trained, to share their knowledge with our members and anyone else who wants to join us. You can read the line up on our Programs page.

We arrange AAWA sponsored Workshops for the membership where our artists can study specific things. And we share info about other Workshops happening in the area that members may be interested in exploring.

There are several ongoing creative offerings such as life drawing, plein air painting and portrait studio sessions. These are all explained in more detail on our Workshops page.

To further support and mentor our members, there are regular Critique and Discussion groups held by volunteering members.