Pop X Pop Up Picnics

Pop X PicnicsWhen: Sunday, October 18, 3:00 – 5:00pm
Where: Liberty Plaza Park

POP-X Pop-Up Picnics will blindly bring together community members unknown to each other for supper and fellowship! Each six-person picnic will have food generously donated by Babo and will feature a mystery local ‘celebrity’ guest:

…one is known more by their professional title than by their given name
…one is notable for being seen on sidewalks around town
…one is heard more than seen (we think)
…two each run five businesses around town

Working in partnership with the nonprofit nonpartisan organization CivCity, we’ll facilitate conversation at each pavilion framed picnic plot. We’ll also have a brief song and spoken word performance by the teens and POP•X artists of Girls Group.

Supper will include a sandwich, side, sweet treat, and drink, all generously donated by Babo.

RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY! http://www.annarborartcenter.org/pop-up-picnics/

Sponsored by SavCo Hospitality
In partnership with CivCity